disksurf is a package that implements the method described in Pinte et al. (2018) to extract the emission surface from spatially and spectrally resolved observations of molecular emission from a protoplanetary disk. The package provides a suite of convenience functions to not only extract an emission surface, but also fit commonly used analytical forms, and over plot isovelocity contours on channel maps to verify the correct surface was extracted.


To install disksurf we’d recommend using PyPI:

pip install disksurf

Alternatively you can clone the repository and install that version.

git clone https://github.com/richteague/disksurf.git
cd disksurf
pip install .

To guide you through how to use disksurf we’ve created a tutorial using data from the DSHARP Large Program. This tutorial also serves as a test that the software has been installed correctly.


If you use this software, please cite both the Pinte et al. (2018) for the methodology and the JOSS paper for this disksurf software.

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Information for all the functions can be found in the API documentation. If you are having issues, please open a issue on the GitHub page.